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The bandages are perfect for use as riding bandage. You can ride/exercise the horse with the bandages in order to optimise the Back on Track-effect, for the simple reason that the horse produces more heat that is reflected back when they exercise than if they are standing still in their horsebox. The bandages must have direct skin contact without any layers in between. They should not be used overnight or as a stables bandage as there is a risk they are fastened too tight and hinder blood flow.

The bandages are available in two styles, combination and fleece.

The Bandages are sold as pairs.

Combi Bandages

The Combination Bandage is made up of two parts, one pad out of ceramic textile as well as an elastic part at the end of the bandage. A side from all the usual Back on Track benefits, the Combination Bandage offers protection for the legs of horses whose front hoof keeps hitting their hind leg.

Fleece Bandages

The Fleece Bandages are made of 100% ceramic fabric. The Fleece Bandage has an elasticity which makes it work excellently during riding / driving. The Fleece Bandages is available in three colours, white, black and blue.